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It is a thought-provoking short film… Nailing down to the undercurrent anxiety and frustration of modern society. Sensibilities are still not lost… But we are missing that connect!

Stay in touch and be awake about this before this gets too late. Damage can still be recovered but loss may not be!

Call your parents now and call them every day. You have used them to make yourself what you are today and now they need you.

The Story of ZUNI…. reflects the modern life style we have adopted; and it is so much engraved that we can’t see anything else until we get some shock!

I was wondering by seeing the way life has become or we have made it? It has happened to me so many times…!!!!

“I was in a morning office meeting and my phone ringed! I saw the number on the screen. It’s my Mom! I thought of taking the call, but business meeting was important so picked that up and quickly said “Mom, I will call you back; I am in a meeting please”. Phone got disconnected.

I completed the meeting in few hrs with quick lunch and now it is the time to drive back home; I realize that I have not spoken to Mom full day. Now I am driving so should call back once reach home. Reached home tired; kids want to play, and I want to take rest. Any way finished the dinner and gone down to play with kids. Came back to home again and realized the time is 11 PM and Mom must have been slept by now. Should call her in the morning again.

But Mom was waiting for the call to talk and to just know that “How am I doing”.

Next day morning the same routine…it goes on years by years!!!”

But few months back one day I decided to speak to her every day in the morning without fail what ever happen!!! Since then I felt big changes in her talk. She knows I am going to call her in the morning every day, so she has lot of things to talk. What happened yesterday, what was good and what went wrong.  What she liked and what she didn’t like and a lot more to go on every day. But now she is less with emptiness and more exited. She tells me what changes she is doing to make her routine set & better. She also keeps advising me to stay fit; keep eating on time like a child & that make me feel pampered again like my childhood time.

So, it’s a good time to stop thinking and call her…you will still have privilege to get that mother’s pampering.

It’s not that we don’t love our parents! We love them most, but our priorities have changed …we think that we are working for our survival and better life and we don’t get time to talk to our parents on a regular basis.

But I am sure if we want; taking out those few minutes daily is still not that difficult. Eventually most of us realises that, with some shock in the life!

The story of the Movie is very clear, thoughtful and so much connecting. The script by writer Jyoti Bajaj has been laid down so well that it triggers the emotional highs of each & everyone who is watching this.

Divya Dutta as “ZUNI” has made every seen so much alive and connecting that you would get in the flow of emotions. Drives you to the journey of your childhood pampering, your office stress, home management and almost all that which you go through usually! She made it so connected that you cry and smile with her unconditionally.

Padmini Sardesai as “ZUNI’s mother” has been clean and calm with heart touching expressions.

Producer Ravinder Jeet Dariya…has taken a courage to make the movies short and simple but with clear and laud message to the viewers. This must get appreciated that in today’s time “Masala is must in the movies” but he has made with simplicity and cleanness.

Direction & Idea is superb by Sanjay Mathew. The message of the movie goes loud and clear without any ambiguity. Overall it goes without saying that it is the need of the generation to connect back. His thought process is very clear like his movies. His dedication towards the implementation of those ideas are very strong.

He has made us think that we are still kids in front of our parents…in first half of the life we need our parents and other half our parents need us.

written by

Anmol Awadhwal

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